These Are The Best Cinematography Schools in UK

Filmmaking is a very wide field, in which direction, production, storytelling etc. all play their roles. One of the biggest roles is also of cinematographer which is also called Director of Photography.

Cinematographer is in charge of production of films, TV shows, web shows etc. Cinematography has also emerged as a popular course for UK international students. Let us know in detail about the best cinematography schools in the UK.

Why do Cinematography in UK

The advantages of doing a cinematography course in UK are as follows:

  • According to, the UK has the best film schools in the world, where filmmaking, direction, acting, cinematography etc. are taught in detail.
  • Going to film schools in the UK will help you explore the aspects of cinematography as an international student. You will gain practical skills from film school officials who have many years of experience.
  • Film schools also offer scholarships for pursuing cinematography courses, such as BAFTA Scholarship, London Film Academy Scholarship, NTFS Scholarship etc.

London Film School

London Film School (LFS) was established in 1956. LFS offers various postgraduate degrees, PhDs and short courses on filmmaking as well as cinematography. It is the most prestigious film school in Europe and maintains a great reputation at the international level. More than 60% of the student population in lFS is from outside the UK.

The academy offers its students the best learning experience as it is a working studio, which produces around 180 films in a year. Masterclasses, sessions and workshops are also offered here. The tuition fee for one year of cinematography at lFS is GBP 28,500 (Rs 28,50,000). Apart from Cinematography, other courses are also provided here, which are as follows:

  • MA Film Making
  • MA Screenwriting
  • MA Producing
  • MA Directing
  • MA Cinematography
  • MA Editing
  • MA Production Design
  • MA Music
  • mA Screen Studies
  • MA Sound
  • MA International Film Business
  • PhD Film by Practice

Met Film School (MFS)

‘The Theory of Everything’, ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘The Imitation Game’ are some of the famous films that were shot at the Met Film School (MFS). MFS provides a vast set of filmmaking skills to the students along with the experience and practical knowledge of learning cinematography and many other courses. MFS offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in camera, editing, cinematography, post-production etc.

Here students also learn story and script, characters and performance, acting methods and techniques, automated dialogue replacement (ADR), voiceover, motion capture. Here the tuition fee for one year of cinematography is GBP 22,000 (Rs 22,00,000). The popular courses offered by MFS are as follows:

  • BA Hons Screen Acting
  • BA Hons Practical Filmmaking
  • BA Hons Film and Screen Business
  • BA Hons Content, Media and Film Production
  • MA Screenwriting
  • MA Post production
  • MA Film and Television Production
  • MA Producing
  • MA Directing

National Film and Television School

The National Film and Television School (NFTS) is one of the largest and best film schools in the UK in terms of cinematography courses. NFTS is a fully functional studio, in which more than 30 master, diploma and certificate courses are offered. nFTS has dubbing theaters, edit suites and three cinema theaters. NFTS ranks above other film schools in terms of Oscar nominations.

Legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan (11 Oscar Wins) himself conducts masterclasses for students here. Here the tuition fee for one year of cinematography is GBP 14,800 (Rs 14,80,000). Other courses of NFTS are given below-

  • MA-Editing, producing, screenwriting, directing, cinematography etc.
  • Diploma – Model making for animation, cameras for television production, sports production etc.
  • certificate-  Casting, filmmaking, location management for film and TV production, character animation etc.

Goldsmiths, The Screen School

Goldsmiths is located in New Cross and is considered as the next generation school in the UK. Here instead of acting, more attention is paid to film production, cinematography and provide purpose-built media facilities to its students. Here the tuition fee for one year of cinematography is GBP 13,340 (Rs 13,34,000). The following courses are offered at Goldsmiths:

  • MA in Filmmaking (Cinematography, Directing Fiction, Editing, Producing)
  • Sound Recording (with Post Production and Design)
  • Screen Documentary


The Raindance Film Festival is located in London, where several courses like cinematography etc. are offered. raindance offers a wide range of evening and weekend film training courses in cities around the world including London, Toronto, LA, Berlin and Paris.

The courses, classes and workshops here cover some of the most popular disciplines and crafts in the world, such as screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, special effects, editing, lighting, sound and short filmmaking. Here the tuition fee for one year of cinematography is GBP 12,000 (Rs 12,00,000).


Below are the eligibility criteria for students to take admission in best cinematography schools in UK:

  • To do Bachelor’s course it is necessary to pass 10+2 (any stream) from any recognized board.
  • For masters it is necessary to pass in Bachelor’s degree (any subject) from any recognized university.
  • If you want to apply for PhD, then you must have passed masters in relevant course.
  • Scores for English language tests, such as IELTS/TOEFL/PTE.
  • SOP and LOR

Application Process

For the best cinematography schools in UK, students can apply at bachelors level through the UCAS portal. For Masters, students have to apply by visiting the website of the direct university. Below you have been told the step by step process-

  • Visit UCASportal/university’s website.
  • Check the course curriculum and eligibility requirements.
  • Click on the application form of the respective university.
  • Now you have to create an account using your mobile number or email address.
  • You will receive an email or SMS with login details and verification on your registered contact number.
  • Use the login details provided and enter your personal details (name, gender, date of birth).
  • Enter your academic qualification and upload the required documents.
  • Select the course and pay the application fee.
  • Submit your application form, you can also track your application form through your account.
  • The students who have been selected will be required to participate in virtual interviews conducted by some universities.

The purpose of a cinematography course is to teach the art of capturing and visually telling a story in a film or television production. Candidates wishing to make a career in this can enroll in programs at certification, diploma, dual diploma and degree levels

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