These Are The 8 Best Options After B.Sc.

Today this post is for the students who have just done B.Sc and are now wondering what to do next. For most of the students who do graduation from science stream, there are many great career options for them, but in the absence of information, they keep doing the same traditional courses. In this article you will know which is the best option after doing B.Sc.

And in which field there are plenty of opportunities, as well as important information about which course to take. If you want, you can try in the government sector, but as I have told, if you want to do something different and different, then there are great career options for you after B.Sc, so let’s know about these opportunities

The following career options can prove to be very beneficial for all the students who have done their graduation in Science or Mathematics this year.

Data business analytics

In today’s technological era, its demand is very high, due to which it emerges as a great career option. Students who have recently done B.Sc can make a great career in this field as well as earn lakhs of rupees per month. The monthly income of an average data analyzer is more than Rs 1,00,000.

In this, the data is inspected and transferred to gain information, draw conclusions and make decisions. For this work, big companies hire employees, who are also paid in lakhs


If you are interested in management, then after B.Sc you can take MBA degree in Hospital Management, IT Management, Laboratory Management, MIS and Conventional MBA Programs, which can prove to be a good career decision.


For those students who have done B.Sc in non-medical, there are attractive career options in computer application or IT industry, for higher studies, master in computer application is a good option, after this there are many options in the technical field, which have good career prospects.


If you are interested in teaching, then the option of B.Ed will be the best for your further studies, after PG, you can also give NET and SET exams, after which teachers will be eligible for vacancy and can give exams. Apart from this, you can also work as a science faculty in private coaching.

Ethical hacking

Today, big information technology companies regarding data security give an opportunity to highly skilled ethical hackers to work in the company. For this, employees are paid a hefty amount. After doing BSc or BCA in computer science, you can do any of the certificate courses available in ethical hacking like CEH, CCNA, SCNS, CPTE and CISSP and earn good money.

Short Term Courses

You can move towards scale based educational career by doing short term courses like SAP, JAVA, SQL, DOT net, PGDM, Financial Accounting.

Government Sector Exams

You can join the Indian Army by giving Combined Defense Service Exam. Apart from this, you can give civil service exam for IAS, IPS and IRS. Apart from this, you can give exam for Special Class Railway Apprentice. One can start career in government sector by giving exams like Bank Clerk, Bank PO, etc. Which come out as the best career options

Be A Graphic Designer

If you have done B.Sc in technical field then this can be the best opportunity. At present, there is a lot of potential in this field. For this many short term courses are also being conducted. After which you can also start your own work or work as a freelancer. The monthly income of a simple graphic designer ranges between Rs.60,000-70,000. Gradually, when your experience increases, you will start getting more work, after which your income will also double

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