Best Aerospace Engineering Colleges In India

Have you heard about the field of aerospace engineering? How do planes fly and how are they designed, if such questions give you a kick, then you must have heard about this field of engineering. Aerospace engineering is a field whose name has grown a lot in few years due to the increasing demand for degree holders.

Be it the field of science, technology, military or space exploration, an aeronautical engineer will easily make his place here and hence more and more students are opting for this degree. Due to this, Aerospace Engineering College in India is giving tough competition to foreign universities.

To give you complete information about this, most of the students want to get a degree in aerospace engineering from abroad but there are many colleges in India which offer both bachelor and masters degree in aerospace engineering.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),Bombay

Bharat me Aerospace Engineering College Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay is one of the best colleges. This course is conducted by the Department of Aerospace Engineering and it covers all aspects of theoretical, practical and research related to this field. In IIT Bombay, you can get a bachelor’s degree or a dual degree, which is a combination of a master’s and a bachelor’s in aerospace engineering.

  • Qualifying Exams: Bachelor-JEE, Masters-GATE

MIT School of Engineering

If we talk about colleges for aerospace engineering in India, then the name of MIT School of Engineering will be there. The Aerospace Engineering Department of MIT offers this degree. This department of MIT specializes in aerospace and structural systems, aircraft and aerodynamic designing and precision manufacturing. This Bachelor’s program at MIT is an advanced course that deals with all the complexities of aerospace engineering.

  • Qualifying Exams: MHT-CET/JEE Mains/ Uni-GAUGE-E

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering is a well-known institute in the list of Aerospace Engineering Colleges in India. This research based masters program focuses on core subjects like aerodynamics, aerospace structure, aerospace propulsion, guidance, navigation etc. This program is a good combination of theoretical and practical classes, case studies, webinars, project work and group discussions. Here you will find a lot of inspiration for research and also get a chance to learn from professors who are already well established in this field.

  • Qualifying Exams: GATE

Manipal Institute of Technology

Manipal Institute of Technology offers Bachelor program in Aeronautical Engineering. Due to this course, it occupies a special place in the list of Aerospace Engineering College in India. Its objective is to develop in every student the necessary skills to deal with any problem faced in the field of aeronautical engineering. To fulfill this objective, students are inspired to thrive in a practical environment where they can develop their necessary problem solving skills. Main fields of study include design, maintenance, construction and the science behind how airplanes work.

  • Qualifying Exams :  Manipal Entrance Test (MET), Department Test (DT), Manipal Entrance Test (MET) + Department Test (DT), National Entrance Test

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology specializes in this field when it comes to colleges for aerospace engineering in India. The foundation courses offered by the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology introduce students to the core subjects of aerospace engineering such as aerospace structure, thermodynamics, heat mechanics. The Bachelor program offered by the institute first gives training to the students to impart fundamental knowledge related to this field and then also provides ample opportunities to use this knowledge.

  • Qualifying Exams: JEE Advanced

Madras Institute Of Technology

Talking about Aerospace Engineering College in india, Madras Institute of Technology is another best institute for aerospace engineering in India. The Aerospace Engineering Department of this institute offers one Bachelor and three Masters level programs in Aerospace Engineering. You can find yourself in various Research based Ph.D. You can also enroll in the program, where you will have the chance to develop into a practical thesis the course you have learned during your Bachelor’s or Master’s program.

  • Qualifying Exams:JEE (Mains/Advanced), GATE

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University also enjoys the status of an important college in the College of Aerospace Engineering in India. With its Aero Modeling Lab, Aircraft and Spacecraft Material Lab, Aerodynamics Lab, Aircraft Structure Lab and Flight Hangar, the university provides a wide range of infrastructure practical exposure and growth. Another highlight of the Aerospace Engineering Bachelor program of this university is that you can get admission as per your class 12th exam eligibility without giving entrance exam here.

Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology

The Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology offers bachelor’s program in aerospace engineering and definitely comes in the list of colleges for aerospace engineering in India. This four-year program focuses on some of the core areas related to aerospace engineering including Flight Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Avionics, Aircraft Structures, Aircraft Systems and Aircraft Maintenance. maintenance) included.These courses cater to the theoretical aspect and the laboratories located in the college provide space for its practical use.

  • Qualifying Exams: TS EAMCET

This was a best list of Aerospace Engineering College in India. We hope this list helped you in finding the right college from where you want to pursue your degree in Aerospace Engineering. Now, identifying the college is only the first step, after that, you need to make sure that how you get admission in the college of your dreams. We can help you in this matter.

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